bb king live at the regal vinyl

Took a while to get comfy but ended up good (set-list here )." According to the diary, I drove to and from York with Steve and Eddie, Procol's roadies, though I distinctly remember discussing my sport conrad voucher fee with Keith while he drove us at alarming speed.
Can you remember when that was?
What were you doing in the final Procol years?
Though I didnt realize it at the time, I was in an enormously privileged position.The Regal Theater closed its doors in 1970, but thanks.B.This tune features the now premio tenco 2018 sanremo classic line, which ends with.B.An awesome buono sconto trenitalia gennaio 2018 lineup indeed!Mix magazine, one time Tape-Operator on some crucial Procol recording sessions.As with the Edmonton show, the orchestra had difficulty keeping up with the beat, but it was a decent show.King has always been a master at speaking to the crowd between tunes.

Sound check not.
It's still my favorite.
As I later discovered, working at a less than top-flight studio was a lot less fun and few of the groups I subsequently worked with were as musically rewarding or as personable as Procol Harum.
King His Best (1960) Great Moments with.
The top row of horn / tweeter boxes was added for this show in order to supplement the systems high frequency output, compensating for the very long throw to the rear of the Bowl.Also, it was usually cluttered with ELP's gear, unless they were out on tour.He was right, of course (at least about talking to myself too much).The integrated approach was the way of the future (I later moved to the.S.Thats what I want!" I also have a vague memory of the Procols Ninth sessions with Lieber and Stoller.I bought records fairly consistently during my days as a tape-op at AIR, but really went nuts at the end of my first Pink Floyd US tour I took all my back wages down to Tower Records or Sam Goodys and loaded up.I cant remember what they did or if any of it wound up on the Legend albums, but I later discovered that Jupp was from the same Southend scene as The Paramounts and that Procol knew him well.Chris Thomas and John Punter were a relaxed and highly competent team, and I was a rather undirected, head-in-air tape-op with ambition but no work ethic, so I just amused myself and the band.Chats to the crowd some more.Related, categories: Article, Classic Albums, Feature, tagged: 1964, BB King, CD, classic, Live, recording, Regal, Todd beebe, gone but Not Forgotten: Luther Allison.

Also, I was in Los Angeles in the summer of 1973 and saw the Hollywood Bowl show from the front of house mix position.
I used to think that I had been present for the Liquorice John Death remix sessions, and Chris Thomass notes on the released CD indicate that that was quite possible.
What can you remember about the Procol Harum recording sessions that you worked on?