Old Pulteney 1997/2015 Ambassadors Cask (53.4, OB, selected by Frida Birkehede and David Tjeder for Allt Om Whisky, cask #1085, 260 bottles).
I know, sounds horrible, and yet But lets not exaggerate, this baby wont win Booze Mags best nose of the anniversario di matrimonio 40 anni regali century competition.
Finish: medium, fresh, zesty Some kind of pickled cucumbers in the aftertaste, which works very well.
Rum plays a part in the culture of most islands of the West Indies as well as in the Canadian Maritimes and Newfoundland.
With water: correction, a smoky manzanilla.With only a subtle bitter note.Finish: rather short, dry.Comments: I find it a little different, rather less emphatic than the first sample that I got.It is rather more aromatic, and fruitier than what youd expect from Mortlach, Id say, but I find this nose really superb.Plenty of plasticine, sour dough, cooked cabbage, public pool, damp peat (not burned yes that smells of something and fresh baguette.Not much Mortlachness to be had this time, but lets dig deeper Mouth: no, this is Mortlach.Lets have them at random for a funnier experience.Finish: a little short but the flavours are perfect, from salty mustard to walnuts and bitter chocolate.Leather, waxes, bitter apples, eucalyptus, perhaps a little Swiss cheese (genuine Gruyère, not the utter junk they sell us in supermarkets and plenty of walnut liqueur.Eagle Rare 17-year-old 90 Kentucky Straight Bourbon, elijah Craig 12-year-old 133.2 Kentucky Straight Bourbon, Barrel Proof.With water: sawdust and varnish.

Croix) Cruzan Pineapple (St.
I know, easy to say ;-) SGP:651 - 88 points.
I was afraid the spirits natural sulphury side and the barrels burnt sulphur would have combined and created a monster.Finish: long, peppery, drying like cocoa can be drying and rather leathery.The distillate, a clear liquid, is then usually aged in oak barrels.Not an essential bottling, in my opinion.Good luck to us all!Its very characterful spirit, that you could sip just like any very good eau-de-vie.May we see the papers?Good, any distinguished reader whod send me any bits of information with regards to this bottle will win an autographed photo of WFs new official mousers, Zooloo and Aston.Theres even some natural vanilla from the spirit, that is to say not vanillin from the oak.