Route 7, albeit this time with, trevor.
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Tierno (Japanese: Tierno ) is a friend and rival of the player in, pokémon X and.Along with his friends Shauna and Trevor.Isn't this stone cool?If being the best Trainer had more to do with dancing, then I might have a chance." "No clue, but it seems hush-hush.I'm super close to my ideal dance team!" "Oh!Uh, it was you who found it, right, player's nickname?" "Yeah, I think it's been since we met up yespresso sconto on Route.I wasn't really listening." "I've had enough of dark places and scary things.Contents, in the games, tierno appears in, pokémon X and Y as a friend of the player, to whom he gives the starter Pokémon sent through him.It's kinda selfish of me, I guess.

I won't ever stop!
After the completion of the story line, Tierno can be found in Coumarine City, asking to see a Pokémon knowing a randomly selected dance move each day, giving the player a Heart Scale if his request is fulfilled.
See ya, Shaunee!" Route 14 Route entrance "Sorry I'm late, everybody!
From Bulbapedia, the community-driven Pokémon encyclopedia.Go on ahead, OK?" Tower of Mastery "Who's that you're talking to, pacchi regalo di natale da colorare player's nickname?" "Uh, my name is Tierno.In the TCG Tierno Main article: Tierno (Kalos Starter Set 39) Tierno was introduced as a Supporter Card in the Pokémon Trading Card Game at the beginning of the English XY Series (the Japanese XY Era).L'utilizzatore, ma ripristinerà tutti i PS e i PP, rimuovendo inoltre qualsiasi Problema di stato, del Pokémon che subentrerà in campo al suo posto.Il nuovo Pokémon entrerà in campo immediatamente dopo l'utilizzo della mossa.You know, it'd feel like we were a closer crew if we called each other by nicknames.Can I call you player's name's first letter -Meister/Lady player's name's first letter?" "I know right?That Café Soleil Calem/Serena was talking about is over that way, too.