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Retrieved "Adabel Guerrero ya se probó la ropa de diosa para el teatro" (in Spanish).
"Teto Medina y Adabel Guerrero, nueva pareja de conducción para el 2013" (in Spanish).
"Adabel Guerrero: la mejor vedette de la temporada de verano" (in Spanish).The other person eliminated was model and dancer Andrea Estévez, with.10 of the bulldog cuccioli in regalo votes.Retrieved September 13, 2012.Retrieved January 6, 2012.Yet in the 7th round she was replaced by actress- comedian Belén Francese because of some scheduling problems Guerrero was having.El Musical de tus Sueños edit In 2009, Guerrero participated in El Musical de tus Sueños, an alternate Argentinian season of Bailando por un Sueño, as the replacement of Wanda Nara in the re-entry before the fourteenth round.They are the highest in Argentina, each with their own style.6 In 2009 Guerrero modeled as the Feyvi girl of that year, turning her into a sex symbol.Archived from the original on February 19, 2013.Archived from the original on December 1, 2012.75 Bailando 2012 edit In the eight season, she replaced Valeria Archimó during the fifth round.

42 The musical comedy was produced and directed by Laura Fidalgo, Juan Durán, Chino Carreras, Gabriel Giangrante, Martín Bianchedi, Rubén Cuello, Pepe Cibrián and Angel Maler, and was created by Pietro Garinei and Sandro Giovannini.
28 In March 2010, Guerrero replaced Jésica Cirio as the first vedette of the music hall Carnaval de Etrellas, with Estela Raval, Raúl Lavié, Flavio Mendoza and many others.
Los martes de Julio y Agosto de 2009.
34 57 On January 4, 2014, Stravaganza re-debuted in Teatro Broadway of Buenos Aires Province with Adabel Guerrero leading the show, Belén Pouchán, Spanish dancer André Minkus replacing Flavio Mendoza, and Federico Molinari as the stars of the show along with more than 50 artists.
Retrieved September 14, 2014.69 Dance school edit In a photoshoot interview for m, Guerrero commented that she was "opening a dance school on March 15 in Castelar.Da Silva Villarrúbia, Santiago Katriél.25 The magazine also starred el Negro Álvarez.This name uses, spanish naming customs : the first or paternal family name is "Guerrero" and the second or maternal family name is "Melachenko".Retrieved May 3, 2013.She is my inspiration and this is a tribute from my desire to ever achieve that excellence." 79 Background and personal life edit After Guerrero and her brother Emiliano Cid Guerrero Melachenko (born July 18, 1975) were born, her parents moved from La Plata.Guerrero was eliminated in the twenty-second round by receiving.60 of the vote, against the.40 obtained by Evangelina Anderson.

Retrieved October 25, 2012.
Her brother Emiliando was attacking Guerrero in 2011 in the media, talking about her "very dark" past and saying that people didn't know the real Adabel Guerrero.
Y siga el Jazz" (finale).