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Arsenal will be in the hat for the Europa League semi-final draw after beating cska Moscow in the quarter-final and the competition is now the Gunners' only real hope of reaching the Champions League next season.
April 24/25 - Bayern Munich vs Real Madrid.
The Europa League semi-final draw is getting nearer with just 10 minutes to go!Se quedó para ovacionar a su equipo.Obviously we'll have to wait to find out which team that will be, but there you are: some administrative trivia!Proceedings are under way in Nyon.Lionel Messi, Barcelona: The world's best player over the last premio facchetti decade-plus.The Liga giants have already won this trophy on two occasion (in 20) and they have shown their continental pedigree in recent seasons as they finished runners-up in the Champions League in 2010:35 - There's a Europa League final draw too.Lo remedió Isco, aprovechando primero el espacio generado por Benzema al salirse del área.Luis Suarez, Barcelona: The Uruguayan striker is still an elite goal-scorer.Sergi Roberto, Barcelona: Another young guy, one who is solid but won't really wow you.Here's how Bayern Munich, Liverpool, Real Madrid and Roma did in the quarter-finals: Team Agg.Lo mejor que mostraron los capitalinos en el primer acto, superados en todos los sectores, especialmente el de Kolarov y Fazio.El campeón arrancó con su once más clásico, con la sorpresa de Keylor bajo los palos.

Todos los previos los domina, pero el remate.
A nightmare to face, especially for Los Blancos.
11:27 - Ozil scoring against Atletico Something that may set Arsenal fans at ease - Mesut esempi di marketing virale Ozil loves scoring against Atletico Madrid.
There is a lot of history between the sides - Liverpool beating the Giallorossi in the 1984 European Cup final in Rome - and, naturally, there is also the Salah element.He's just signed for Liverpool from Roma, so the Champions League draw throws those two teams together in the semi-final.He has potential but he is certainly the weakest defender on the field.He can do damage in the final third and is lethal for a defensive-minded player.As well il libro premio campiello as the semi-final draw, the home team for the Europa League final in Lyon will also be set today.