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Publishing doomsaying French reactions to Andrew Wylie The Naive and the Sentimental Novelist review 8 October: Mario Vargas Llosa, Nobel laureate New RCF : Slovak Fiction buono sconto significato Purge annoys Estonians?
Comedy breaks the erotic trance.
I can't see him getting the nod ahead of Les Murray (or ead, for that matter - though Peter Carey.
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But someone please explain to me again how the big publishers are the guarantors of quality control in the publishing business, and how their (maybe not so) professional editorial input and oversight and all that should reassure readers (as opposed to the works of those.Here there's nothing to read into the odds - except that a lot of people have made a lot of mistakes.) What other tea-leaf news is there to report?(Updated - 6 October) : See also Gabriela Schaaf's German Book Prize winner surprises in bridging cultures at Deutsche Welle.Bookdwarf, brandywine Books, buzzwords, collected Miscellany, confessions/IM.Los malos cocineros, y tres años después escribió su primera novela; El tambor de hojalata (1959) (1959), que obtuvo un enorme éxito y 20 más tarde fue llevada al cine.

(Do I really have to address the Néstor Amarilla situation?
His Harbour is just out in the UK (see the Quercus publicity page, or get your copy at, or see, for example, Louise Welsh's review in the Financial Times ).
(Updated - 9 October) : Wylie and the French publishers are apparently happily back in bed together again: in The Bookseller Philip Jones reports that Wylie backs down after French resistance.
And this shows obvious snubbing, outrageous conspiracy, and determined favouritism - true, all on the part of the ones responsible for deciding which books are even going to be considered for the prize, the publishers (though the Man Booker folk make it so easy for.Isn't this supposed to be the year of the poets?Possibly the improved odds come from the online speculation at sites like this - even at 6/1, after all, that's pretty good money if he suddenly seems like a sure-fire bet.I'm fascinated by Murnane's appearance.I'll post updates here throughout the day, if/when there's anything to report.Revenge review Iceland at Frankfurt, 2011 And even as the Frankfurt Book Fair 2010 isn't yet over, guest of honor 2011 Iceland is already vying for more attention: as Iceland Review reports, Iceland Takes German Literature Market by Storm, as: Contracts have been made.I was shocked how many writers and editors allowed into print redundant adjectives, clichés and overwritten narratives.But: HarperCollins, which runs the 4th Estate imprint, said the crucial mistake happened when a small Scottish typesetter, Palimpsest, sent "the last but one version" of the book file 10 e lotto quanti numeri per vincere to the printers.Roy's look at The rise of the Prize in the Business Standard is a more general look at the prize over the decades.Wang Meng : an interesting holdover selection from the transitional period, fairly well-known on the international literary scene (he was Minister of Culture for a while).