Team Regal, Archer.
WWE - ECW on SyFy TV Report.
You could see how gimmicked the ladder was when it buckled slightly, but absorbed Shelton like the ladder was made of rubber.
We suggest these recent related articles.After shouting himself hoarse, the audience finally picked up.Crowd disney regali was into juego del regalo envuelto the match with Kaval flailing around to sell for Goldust.2 - trent barreta caylen croft.Meanwhile, Yoshi disappeared from sight really selling an injury to his jaw/mouth.The opening with Christian and Jackson was received well, especially Christian playing cat-and-mouse with Jackson to expose Jackson's "weakness" as a slow, sluggish brute.William regal kozlov ezekiel jackson.

"Its over, Tommy Ryder said before walking off with Rosa.
ECW GM Tiffany then came out to give Regal's team the option of a six-man tag or Kozlov.
Christian and Shelton then grabbed hold of the title belt and had a face-to-face, nose-to-nose stare down standing atop the ladder to close the show.
Meanwhile, poor Franks took a beating from the FCW call-ups.Kozlov's music interrupted and he said he wanted a piece of Ezekiel Jackson.Should have been the focus.Bray Wyatt Braun Strowman.Click TO email this article, premio torneo atp 1000 click here TO return TO main listing.Barreta and Croft made quick work of the enhancement talent with the crowd understanding they were the wrestlers being featured since they were actually tan compared to the pale white enhancement talents.Good work if you can get.Christian then grabbed the ladder from the opening segment and set it up in the ring.Earlier in the day: Paul Burchill (under The Ripper mask from Superstars) tried to convince Tiffany to give him a job.Winners: Baretta Croft at 1:50.

Dreamer said he's heard that one before.
Shelton's one-liner about the fans coming here to see action, not Regal on his knees, drew a reaction.
Edge, Christian Right To Censor, Chyna, Billy Gunn, The Road Dogg K-Kwik.