Mibr as their pistols stopped a late A execute to keep it close, 5-6, but.
With 3-3 on the gatti singapura regalo board, mibr were able to take the mobili usati a roma in regalo lead for the first time this map in a clean sweep against an eco.
Having made it to 10 rounds, mibr kept cruising on the attacking side until s1mple and electronic opened up a round on an A execute by mibr, and although coldzera traded both of them, flamie closed the round out with three kills to give his.
Natus Vincere are the first team through to the faceit Major final.Mibr into an eco and a forcebuy.Marcelo "coldzera" David on A got the American team on the board in the fourth round.Natus Vincere then took control of the economy and won the crucial rounds to make it a 10-5 scoreline before switching sides.Fernando "fer" Alvarenga to get the CIS side back ahead and pushing.Mibr then started to make an impressive round, winning round after round with strikes on both bomb sites to stay in the game, controlling the economy and not giving.Without letting their foot off the gas, Natus Vincere sealed the deal on Dust2, winning out the half, map, and series to advance to the grand final.In the semi-finals Dust2 started out with Natus Vincere on the Counter-Terrorist side taking the pistol round and following it up with the two anti-ecos.Jake "Stewie2K" Yip denied, denis "electronic" Sharipov a 1vs3 clutch.

Natus Vincere then stacked Short and crushed mibr s momentum to secure the half and win it out 10-5.
Natus Vincere then struggled but were able to win against the forcebuy and full eco to make it 3-0.
Mibr were unable to stop s1mple.Natus Vincere then won the pistol round with a 4vs3 retake on B to further increase their lead and to try and run away with the first map of the series.Aleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev got two kills to close out a 2vs2 afterplant situation.The American team then followed it up with another B play, making it 2-7, before Tarik "tarik" Celik opened up the following round with a quick AWP kill in A long to set up his team for 3-7.S1mple then won a 1vs1 afterplant against.Two opening frags from.The latter of the two was won.Natus Vincere were then able to make it a 4vs4.A triple by, egor "flamie" Vasilyev in the first pistol round helped his team take the first pistol round on the Terrorist side of Overpass.

Ioann "Edward" Sukhariev clutched a big 1vs2 on B the following round to make it 13-5.
Natus Vincere then won the second pistol round after overtaking the B site and securing the afterplant, following it up to keep a safe distance from mibr, getting closer and closer to the final.
The CIS side then followed it up winning a retake on A against the forcebuy before.